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In the Dr. Carmen Casaus Dental Clinic, we have a large team of professionals in all dental specialties that, together with the most advanced technologies and the best materials, we can offer comprehensive diagnostics and treatments with all the guarantees of safety, quality and sterilization .

Continuing Education

Professionals trained in new techniques and dental advances, which guarantee knowledge.


Experience, enthusiasm and self-demand of the entire team in treating patients and advising on treatments.

Professional ethics

Treatment plansand
without cheating

Custom treatments

Freedom to advise and carry out the most appropriate treatment.


To maintain the good functioning of all the equipment and the same vision of the treatments.


We seek a cozy, friendly and reassuring atmosphere so that you feel comfortable and without fears.


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Minimally Invasive Dentistry

The motto “Less is More” is what best defines Minimally Invasive Dentistry that has as main objective the conservation of healthy original tissues. This implies that our team of professionals recognizes that any artificial tissue that can be used in dental treatment, no matter how good it is, is no better than the original healthy tissue: enamel and dentin. It is a concept that covers all aspects of our practice, so that all the treatments we carry out at the Dra. Casaus Dental Center are carried out with this method of work that is based on two basic principles: new technologies and prevention. The scientific advances and the application of the most innovative treatments are key to being able to carry out less invasive treatments that allow recovering the normal condition preserving the natural structures to their maximum.

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